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Jan 1, 2014 12:00am PST
.here is a dizzy gillespie, others. huh?ike the stage, he had on his desk three records. he was a disciplinarian, two. i am not really thinking about music. i am thinking about how to get out of that class. it was latin america. the rite of spring by igor's event ski. the third one was charlie parker. three directions. i took that final test. i was the first one to get up. i thought i did something wrong. when you get up, leave the classroom. i was opening the door to leave and she said, class, i want to show you something. she had on the front, 100. i want you to think about this because a lot of them have not studied -- had been studying since they were six years old. this is a perfect test paper and i want you to think about it. i was walking down the hall and thinking about it, too. >> there is a lot in that story that i could unpack that tickles me and turns me on. the part i am most moved by is that when you were skipping today, if that happened i literally just months ago did a primetime special called education under arrest and it was about how we are criminalizing kids in society. peopl
Jan 10, 2014 11:00am EST
in november from this man, take a look. "washington post" reports that ed gillespie will launch a bid for his seat. he is the former chairman of the republican national committee and was all over the networks in 2012 as a spokesman for mitt romney's campaign. two other republicans, shaq hill and howie lind have already announced plans to run for that seat. >>> today more documents are expected to be released about that traffic scandal plaguing new jersey governor chris christie. e-mails and text messages already out reveal christie's deputy chief ordered lane closures on the george washington bridge leading into new york back in september. it was apparently political punishment for a new jersey mayor not endorsinendorsing chr re-election bid. yesterday christie said he fired his deputy chief. he's facing a lawsuit filed by six people suing the governor for that gridlock. >>> as governor christie deals with the fallout from his bridge scandal, both his enemies are getting ready to pounce. we're joined to be explained. good morning. >> good morning. >> who's throwing punches already at christie
Jan 21, 2014 7:00pm EST
is back in play and that's virginia, and that's because of ed gillespie, a guy that can stand on his own, a guy that has a great reputation. also, look at michigan. look at what terry ann land has raised. she's raised almost $4 million 3rks$.7 million. governor snyder has a slight lead as well. this is like in arkansas, we have tom cotton running against prior and asa hutch chin son. michigan that was originally off the table and virginia, these are back on. republicans are starting to play and blue states. >> chris, are you shaking in your boots? are your knees knocking? you heard what noel had to say. >> no, not yet. is that a conclusion? i think there's two dynamics to keep in mind. one is history. you had a six-year itch for every president, they tend to lose seats in the senate and the house. you have the ten most competitive seats, eight held by democrats. a different turnout model. older. the weakest of the republican party, they put up candidates that not only end up losing races they should have won but end up hurting the party across multiple races. we saw that in missouri wher
Jan 14, 2014 3:00am PST
is running for senate in virginia and talking about ed gillespie who ran the rnc a while. is he a good candidate in that state? >> he's a very strong candidate but he is going to be the underdog against mark horner. the democratic senator very popular. this didn't look like it was a race at all. this was a senate race on no one's radar and now ed gillespie saying he is going to run, ed will raise a lot of money from his many years working in d.c. but this rnc chairman started on the hill and started as a garage attendant on capitol hill and worked his way up. a great d.c. story, but we are going to see playing out the tea party dynamic is such a problem for the party. there is a couple of candidates who will be running to the right of ed gillespie. for the people who followed him over the years aren't able to believe that but the tea party in virginia, ed gillespie is a sign of the establishment. our james holmesman decided that on gillespie's website he took down a video and link to an article he was calling for comprehensive grags immigration reform. a bunch of national issues crysta
Jan 24, 2014 4:00pm PST
's republicans are counting on former rnc chair ed gillespie to get back in the win column. gillespie is running for u.s. senate against democrat mark warner, and early polls show warner looking very strong. let's check the "hardball" scoreboard. according to a new poll from christie from newport university, senator warner has a 20-point lead over ed gillespie. warner 50%, gillespie 30%. we'll be right back. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. crestor got more high-risk patients' bad cholesterol to a goal of under 100. way to go, crestor! yeah! getting to goal is a big deal, especially if you have high cholesterol plus any of these risk factors. because you could be at increased risk for plaque buildup in your arteries over time. so
Jan 14, 2014 10:00am PST
. >> let's switch gears to ed gillesp gillespie. you both know him well. first to you, ed rendell, this is going to be a really competitive race, running for senate against mark warner? >> well, ed gillespie is a good guy and done bold and courageous things in his life and i admire him. he's running against a great governor who virginians have a great opinion of. if ed gill leespie was running against a flawed candidate, he would have a chance. but mark has been a great governor and senator, and i don't think he can be beat. but ed gillespie has done good things. >> it is virginia. >> it's a purple state. ed will be fine. i remember ed and i talking about a possibility of his running for office one day when i was national chairman and encouraged him then i encourage him now. i think it will be a competitive campaign. and i think of all of the republican candidates who could go for this seat at this time, given the makeup of virginia, ed is one who can have a controversy across the spectrum of voters out there who can talk to the folks in the south and southwestern portions of virg
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Jan 30, 2014 1:00am PST
, there were a couple people that i really respect a lot in the media like nick gillespie, who was just disgusted by this. i don't think i can go that far, but i do agree with eric on this one. i think this was -- this event, this heroic man was somewhat disconnected from the limp litany of grad school garbage that came before, and it felt like it was placed at the end of the speech to armor against scrutiny, that you end it right then and there and everyone walks away thinking about this amazing hero and not how lame the president's speech is. i think i'm being fairly mild, but if you read nick gillespie's piece in time, to me, this was the least majestic speech. it's like a student trying to get signatures for a unisex bathroom at a starbucks. it wasn't presidential. it was pubescent. >> how do you really feel? >> it was really moving at the end, but i felt like i was being used. >> it sounds like you feel like cory was being used as a human shield from criticism from people like us. >> he deserved the accolades. i think eric is right, the way it should have come back to something. an
Jan 26, 2014 10:00pm EST
that if gillespie is well-funded, it could give warner a decent race. i think we have to know what the landscape looks like. i think he has a fighting chance. this is a race that would not if it moves. host: why is he running? guest: you cannot win if you do not run. depending on how the election cycle costa rica upperdeck what the fall is going to look like runs, you cannot predict what the fall is going to look like. arguably, you have to start earlier, but gillespie should be able to put together the money. guest: even if he does not win this race, respectable showing gets him first in line if you would like to run for governor 7. 201 whether he can bring a little bit of report -- reform to the party, why did republicans lose candidates 2013, the they nominated. too were considered much conservative, and they nominated them through convention, the poster primary -- opposed to a primary. guest: the caller was talking about the house races as well, and the 10th district where he is set to retire is an opportunity for democrats that was not on the list. republicans did help themselves by not goi
Jan 28, 2014 3:00am PST
. >> this is a real slap to ed gillespie from another very well-known republican, one of the best known, most trusted republicans in the state. john warner who was the long time senator, i can remember him covering him when i was a cub down in virginia. he would always say, i'm proud, be humbled to be your senior senator. he once ran against the man that he is now endorsing mike warner way back in 1996 opinion mark warner challenged him his first statewide race and mark warner had bumper stickers that said mark, not john, the two not related. today, mark warner who is a moderate, someone who can really reach centrist voters came out and said republicans should vote for mark warner, a democrat. the reasons he gave were the fact that the commonwealth benefits from the seniority he has built up in the senate and done a good job looking out for the military presence. he didn't say anything about ed gillespie but a rough way for ed to start off when his campaign just launched this month. >> does this say more about warner's relationship with mark warner? they had a pretty civil campaign when they ran agai
Jan 20, 2014 3:00am PST
gillespie is the latest to jump in the 2014 campaign. how is he going to fare and what is happening nationwide with the whole bush image thing? is it going to be a negative or a positive for him? >> joe, we are seeing a real softening in the bush image and there is a couple of signs of this. part of it is apuffection for t first bush. passage of time always helps meese guys. and people are seeing that president obama is having some of the same problems president bush did and adopting some of the same national security problems. you go to ed gillespie's page. you go in and you see that he was the counselor to president bush for the last 18 months of the bush administration. joe, this is going to be a great race. both sides are going to have tons of money. mark warner who is certainly the favorite but work downstate virginia this week. ed gillespie launches helped him with fund-raising. i got an e-mail with the subject line this weekend, "here we go." and mark warner raising money and telling his donors he is running against a very credible washington insider. >> we will see how that
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Jan 30, 2014 8:00am PST
was supposed to coast to re-election. in fact he is in for the fight of his life against ed gillespie, proven conservative. the party is uniting behind himt behind him. i'm throwing my weight behind ed because mark warner is not center that he promised. deciding vote on obamacare and promised could you actually keep your plan if you like it. of course that is not the case. so that is why virginians will look not to keep their senator but replace them with ed gillespie. this will be a disaster for the senate democrats. >> i'm sorry, but with all due respect your party is not united in virginia. former republican senator john warner is endorsing mark warner, not gillespie you can't say united in virginia. >> it is united. >> how is it united when a former republican senator is endorsing democrat. how is that -- >> if you look at process, john warner was a great senator. has endorsed democrats over the past couple of years. if you look at the republican party today, you're having a candidate that dropped out earlier in the week. it is grassroots uniting behind ed. he is going to, in, mark warner
Jan 7, 2014 10:00am PST
are not easy the gillespie economy has to expand about four percent every year to achieve the adult per capita income over thirty thousand dollars by two thousand seventeen adding to that skepticism korea's annual per capita income has remained in that twenty thousand dollar range for seven straight years after a first exceeded that number in two thousand and seven. but that being said experts say that three year plan is not an impossible goal but they point to the importance of boosting domestic demand and to boost domestic demand experts as well as policymakers mentioned earlier in our news cast emphasize the importance of ec corporate regulations and fostering the nation's service sector including the health and tourism industries. you will notice and point to create a virtuous circle among consumption investment and employment. the link has been very weak. recently we all and this guy is so bizarre to boost domestic demand and strengthening the competitive in the eyes of the nation's service sector is critical these were for regulations of the cummings can act if we confess in the service
Jan 18, 2014 7:00am PST
of the conservative strategist ed gillespie. gillespie was working on his red map plan and putting state legislatures and their redistricting duties under the republican control and art pope quickly became a key part of gillespie's efforts in north carolina. pope, the families, and the groups backed by him spent more than $2 million on general assembly races in 2010, and of the 22 races pope targeted 18 to control the legislature. pope is now north carolina's state budget director and ed gillespie anournsed this week that he will challenge virginia democratic senator mark warpene. and this state which has raised unemployment and cut unemployment benefits, he's running on a platform. you've got to listen. >> if elected i'll be a servant to the people of virginia and a leader for policies that grow the middle class and foster upward mobility, enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty. >> he did help orchestrate the republican takeover. just as his efforts began at the lower level of american politics, so, too, has the opposition to north carolina's sharp right ward turn. the grassroots monday p
Jan 22, 2014 4:00pm PST
gillespie. congressman, you heard what the president said. you heard what jim carney, his defense of what the president said. what do you make of this? can he put the genie back in the bottle after making those comments? >> of course he can. his policy is important because, for example, he's been the best president so far on mental health coverage and addiction coverage so it's incongruous for his administration to be for a third legalized drug. we have tobacco, alcohol and now we have have marijuana. >> he didn't say he was for the legalization of it. he says he believes it's equally as bad as alcohol. >> so the issue is it's the permissive environment that leads young people to think there's no big deal with smoking marijuana when, in fact, the marijuana today is ge net clickly modified, multiple times stronger than the marijuana that president obama smoked 20, 30 years ago. so there are issues here. it is harmful. if the president listened to his own nih director in charge of drug policy, norah volcock, she would tell him this is damaging to emotional growth as well as cognitive growth
Jan 10, 2014 6:00am PST
, michigan, minnesota, and colorado. think about that. that's a big deal, the gillespie seat, scott brown there, not saying they are going to lose, but they are going to have to work. we have 12 seats in play, which means republicans are in a pretty good place with now room for error, they can lose now georgia or kentucky, those republican-held seats that they are worried about. let me show you the democratic target map. it really is only two seats right now, two historically red seats, democrats do have a shot at turning blue, but what's interesting here is how little luck the democrats have had finding a chris coons. think about delaware, or indiana, taking advantage of the tea party. they don't have places in south carolina and any of those, mississippi, if the tea party guys win. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." have a good weekend. chris jansing is next. crust that's made from scratch. or mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and homemade gravy. but marie callender's does. just sit down and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor. her long day of pick ups
Jan 23, 2014 12:00am PST
routine. as ed gillespie told the new york times, people who want to see policies enacted, are moving their activities to the state and away from washington. there's a sense you can get things done. the best, purest way for those on the right to get things done, to move legislation from a computer screen into the hands of sympathetic lawmakers and get it passed into law, through the organization called the americans legislative exchange council. tonight we go all in on alec. >> alec has forged a partnership between state leaders and the business community. this partnership offers businessmen the extraordinary opportunity to solve our nation's problems. >> for more than 30 years a private tax exempt organization has brought state lawmakers, conservative think tanks together to write mold legislation across the country. >> i don't want everybody to vote. as a matter of fact our leverage in the elections goes up as the voting populous goes down. >> they can't 2000 state lawmakers as members, nearly all of them republicans. >> i've been privileged to work with alec in the federal governme
Jan 22, 2014 6:00pm EST
newly announced ed gillespie and his challenge to senator mark warner. davis doesn't think his legal troubles would drag down 2014 candidates. >> i don't think the culture goes outside the family at this point in terms of the indictment affecting their futures. >> the case against mcdonnell and sensational details will continue to grab attention. prosecutors accuse them of accepting gifts from businessman jonnie williams in exchange for promoting his dietary supplement. there was a $19,000 manhattan shopping spree for the first lady. $50,000 loan. $15,000 to cater a wedding reception. andy weiss who defended those in similar cases taking gifts doesn't prove guilt. >> there's no question the big danger of this statute is it invites jurors to look at things that lay folks find to be very distasteful. contrary to the way we think good government should be working. that is all going to be part of this case. but it shouldn't be enough to convict someone of bribery. >> the legal battle starts in court friday. the governor and his wife deny any wrongdoing. he calls the prosecution's case mi
Jan 27, 2014 11:00am EST
collaborative pieces with roache and other legends like dizzy gillespie, and roache's family will be present at the announcement in southeast d.c. >>> and right now, there is a call for unity in our area after the tragedy at the columbia mall over the weekend. coming up, how people are being asked to show their support, and the cruise ship headed back to florida after hundreds on board got sick, how a ten-day vacation turned bad quickly, plus storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein is back with your hour-by-hour look at today's changing weather. we're coming back in a minute. st >>> well, it's been a little more than 48 hours since the deadly maryland mall shooting, and this morning we're getting our first look inside the mall. the mall in columbia let our cameras take a look just a little while ago. there's a memorial to the victims of the shooting. in about 90 minutes, the mall will reopen to customers. it's been a busy crime scene since saturday morning when a shooting left three people dead, including the gunman. news4s angie goff joins us with how this story is unfolding on social media.
Jan 30, 2014 1:00pm PST
that democrats knew would be competitive there are new states in the conversation, virginia where ed gillespie is challenging mark warner, new hampshire where republicans are trying to tell scott brown he better hurry up and make a decision about whether or not he's going to run. >> whether he's a new hampshire person all of a sudden. >> the carpet bagging charges. and the people of new hampshire have a great nickname for the people in their neighboring state of massachusetts. so it's a little unclear exactly -- >> not for this family program, kasie hunt. >> it is not. but the overall point being we're talking about states we weren't talking about six months ago about being in play where republicans could pick up seats. as the rollout of the health care law's continued, as the president's numbers have gotten worse or stayed the same, they're not getting any better, that's dragging them down and they're at the point they don't want to appear with the president in their home states. so i think that's part of what's driving this focus over to those races. it's frankly that the narrative's getting
Jan 31, 2014 7:00am PST
, for instance, mark warner was seen to be a safe democrat, now he's got ed gillespie running against him as a good shot. and republicans have an issue nationwide, which is affordable care, because it's not about dislike for the president, it's dislike for the way the bill has rolled out. it's a federal mandate. everybody has to participate in it. >> back to what we're talking about, the shifting of resources here. i'm thinking, joe, when we look at citizens united and the election, there's plenty of money out there. doesn't seem like an issue to refocus money. >> there's money out there. it's always a fight, but all politics are local, and what matters if you're a candidate, the resources are allocated to you, and the resources only get allocated to you if you look like you have a chance to win. if you're a candidate for senate running in a state it looks like you can't win, you don't get resources, that's whether you're a democrat or republican. >> chris, i want to play this to you, the chair of the democratic national committee expressed skepticism about this idea, about victory in the
Jan 17, 2014 7:00am EST
agreement. bipartisan a rarer agreement in virginia. gillespie is a former advisor to george w. bush. both parties concur that warner will be hard to oust. he is a very savvy individual and good at campaigning. the congressman just announced and kept airement steady refrain -- and may not make a difference how good gillespie is, because warner is better. back to your calls. joan in antioch, tennessee. caller: how are you doing? i wanted to make one brief comment. most people are complaining about the security breach. is, i do not it care who is doing this. eavesdrop on my conversation because i'm not doing anything wrong. what is vital is to keep us safe. that is my opinion. a few people have said the same thing. i'm more concerned about somebody coming over here and doing something or our own people doing something. if they can get data to curtail that, then i am fine with however they do it. i do not have any complaints. most people should not. i would rather have my life than somebody do something wrong. i appreciate you listening. host: recommendation number 11 from the surveillance t
Jan 25, 2014 7:00am PST
committee ed gillespie chose to launch his challenge for the virginia seat in the u.s. senate. >> if elected i'll be a servant to the people of virginia and a leader for policies that grow the middle class and foster upward mobility enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty, policies that will make life better for working families and those who want to work but can't now find a job. >> okay. but of course once our leaders turn to solving the problem of the poverty trap, those problems that ed gillespie is talking about, that's where the political consensus falls apart. for the first time in a long time inequality in america is at the center of a robust and meaningful debate at the level of national politics and for voters who will be holding our political leaders accountable for their actions on this issue in november, well, that's bully for us. joining me at the table today host of public radio's left right and center and msnbc contributor matt miller. christina belantony. political strategist joe watkins and contributing editor for newsweek david k. johnston who's also the author o
FOX News
Jan 20, 2014 8:00am PST
official, ed gillespie. that will cause someone like warner to spend more money and resources in a place where you know, he could have been reelected easily. that is still an uphill battle for the republicans. jon: right. republicans need to flip six seats if they want to take control of the senate. you add up the states we talked about. and virginia you threw in at the end, those are eight states where republicans at least have a prayer. you can also talk about new hampshire where jeanne shaheen is facing a pretty potentially tough election? >> right. in new hampshire you can also look at places like michigan where a republican candidate is running competitively in the polls there. those are traditionally safer for the democrats there. and again, even in new hampshire, even if jeanne shaheen, the current incumbent looks good, polling well, looks good in the state, it is still causing her to perhaps, you know, raise more money, spend more money and resource that is that she might not have had to without a challenge. jon: but you say that what republicans did last time or what republicans
Jan 18, 2014 11:00am PST
. bring in aisha moody mills, bob franken and nick gillespie. thank you all for being here with us today. aisha, let's begin with you. house speaker john boehner is planning to unveil a new plan to replace obamacare. the hill reports, an alternate to obamacare will be one of the big issues the house gop will discuss at its annual policy retreat. how productive is this? >> it's completely counterproductive to what we need them to be doing as the legislative body for america right now. i can't help but to laugh. it's really just sad that they've had several years to present some kind of alternate policy, to present their ideas about what they would think would make obamacare work a little bit better, what we could do to reform health care for our country and they've refused to. they focused specifically on repeal, repeal, repeal, we want to get rid of it. and now all of a sudden that the elections are coming around, they're like, maybe she should come up with an alternative plan. it's clear they intend on doing nothing up there. >> bob, what do you think? why do you think the main gop obje
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)